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ARA Conference 2024

August 28-30, 2024 | Birmingham, England

ARA Conference 2024

About ARA Conference 2023

ARA Conference 2024

The ARA Conference was founded with the objective of ensuring the proper care and preservation of archives and records for posterity, while also ensuring that all individuals engaged in this task receive adequate training and support. Its mission is to provide a unified voice on matters pertaining to the record-keeping sector and to promote the broader management, accessibility, and utilization of records and archives for all. The organization extends its welcome to professionals working in archives, records management, archive conservation, archive learning, research, and outreach, as well as to members of the wider community with an interest in records and archives, including users, owners, and volunteers.

As leaders in the field of Digital Preservation, we´re thrilled to be part of ARA Conference 2024. Visit out booth to explore how our innovative solutions can transform government archive managment. out team will be available for discussions, Q&A sessions, and live demonstrations, We´re enthusiastic about connecting with you and discussing potential collaborations customized to your specific needs in digital preservation and records management!

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