Technology changes. Information prevails.
Technology changes
Information prevails

About us

LIBNOVA is leader in the digital preservation field. We provide solutions to the organizations, so that big volumes of valuable data are accessible during long periods of time. Since 2009 we have been very present in the heritage and historically and cultural valuable information sector in Spain and at the end of 2014 we started our international expansion.

We understand that digital preservation in the heritage sector also includes digitization, therefore we are active also in this field, being the representative in Spain and the Caribbean of I2S (The most advanced manufacturer in the marketplace of digitization equipment for books and special materials) while offering related services.

We promote the need to preserve, so that the digital memory of humankind is not lost. We provide several systems in order to achieve this goal: LIBSAFE (OAIS aligned digital preservation software which makes difficult tasks easy) and LIBDATA (a preservation oriented storage hardware, which is disruptive in price for stored TB). We keep three ISO certified standards (9001: Quality, 14001:Environmental y 27001: Information Security) while being part of national working Groups (Carlos III University and others) and international such as the European Competence Center IMPACT.

We strive every day in order to help our customers and partners while innovating continuously in everything we do. We keep a constant research activity in several fields and, and apply into our products this experience and the one we gain everyday with our customers.

We have offices in the USA (Florida), and in the EU (Spain) which allows us to offer our solutions worldwide.


We are all at your service

  • Antonio Guillermo Martínez

    CEO and Founder

  • Antonio Monís

    CFO and Partner

  • juan-manuel

    Juan Manuel Pérez

    Commercial Director and Partner

  • Fernando Iglesias

    Partner and Member of the Board

  • juan-carlos

    Juan Carlos Romero

    Country Manager USA

  • Teo Redondo


  • Paul Severn

    Head of Marketing

  • Ricardo Nieto

    Business Development

  • Ángeles Rivas

    Administration Manager

  • Fátima Dueñas

    Administrative Department

  • Susana Gea

    Administrative Department

  • Francisco Javier Cano

    Support Manager – Digital Image

  • Rubén Fúnez

    Digital Image

  • equipo libnova

    Diego López

    Support Manager

  • Adrian Ilie

    QA and Systems

  • Rode González

    Development Department

  • Alberto Carrasco

    Development Department

  • equipo libnova

    José Antonio de la Rosa

    Development Department

  • equipo libnova

    Joe Fernando Rodríguez

    Development Department

  • equipo libnova

    Ariel Pérez

    Development Department

  • equipo libnova

    Pedro Ángel Martínez

    Development Department

  • equipo libnova

    Gerardo Prieto

    Systems Responsible

  • María Fuertes

    Marketing and Communication

  • Noemí Martínez

    Public Relations

  • Aniceto Vara

    Quality and Projects Technician

  • Roberto Bernardos

    Systems and Projects Technician

  • Iván Lobo

    Projects Technician

  • Álvaro Calvo

    Digital Image

  • antonio

    Antonio Martín

    Digital Image

  • equipo libnova

    Manuela Ruiz

    Digital Image

  • equipo libnova

    María Isabel Moreno

    Digital Image

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