Technology changes. Information prevails.
Technology changes
Information prevails

Systems for digitization and diffusion

Digitize, supervise, process and publish. Quick and efficient with LIBNOVA solutions

Professional Scanners (ancient books, maps, designs, etc.)

LIBNOVA is the representative for Spain and the Caribbean of I2S, the manufacturer of  scanners that best combines high speed of capture with higher image resolution. Certified in the highest image quality standards and with a legendary strength which guarantees the absence of failures. They have become the main reference in the marketplace.

Astonishing software

With LIMB GALLERY you can create (in less than two weeks) a complete electronic digital library  with an astonishing look and aligned with the last tendencies in this field.
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Management of digitization projects

In medium or big digitization projects it is of paramount importance to keep the process under control. With LIMB MAESTRO you can model, manage and supervise your project in the most complete and efficient way.
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Images and metadata processing

A digitization process is made up of a big number of milestones and jobs with the digital images . Tasks such as the master generation, straightening and cropping, image retouch, PDF generation and OCR or even metadata  generation, are now fully automated processes with LIMB PROCESSING. Define a set of tasks and process millions of images in a quick and visual manner.
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