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Technology changes
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libnova was the first Spanish company, and one of the first worldwide to apply processes and implement digital preservation systems.  Therefore we have a valuable know-how in this area which we offer to our customers.
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Digital Preservation


Being a new discipline, most organizations acknowgledge the need to preserve digitally, but they find it difficult to figure out which way to follow. We at libnova have been pioneers in digital preservation (first Spanish company and one of the first worldwide) and therefore we master all the applicable standards and have a great deal of accumulated experience in real projects. We can help you to archive big volumes of data and digitally preserve them. We know the best and easiest way and we have done it many times.
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Analysis and standardization of material for preservation

In many occasions the Organizations have already available a big amount of data or images that need to be preserved. Given that the standards to organize this material are relatively recent, this information is not always organized in the most appropriate way and may require massive analysis processes before it can be properly preserved. We have processed hundreds of terabytes of this sort of objects and we do it fluently and efficiently.
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ISO 16363 certification

How to be sure that we are preserving in the right way ?
By applying the TRAC/ISO16363 (Audit and certification of trustworthy digital repositories), we can audit the accomplishment of the OAIS standard in a digital repository. libnova is one of the first companies worldwide and the first one in Spain performing this sort of audit processes.
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Digital archaeology

We have the first Digital Archaeology platform in Spain, which includes the capacity to access content and emulate obsolete hardware and software (from 1970 onwards), therefore we can gain access to information stored in media, hardware or operating systems and software which no longer exists. We have named this service “digital archaeology” given its similarities with traditional archaeology. We have equipment which allow us to read 5 ¼, 3 ½ disks, tapes (linear and helicoidal:e Travan, IBM 35*, HP DC100, StorageTek RedWood, Data8, AIT y DDS/DAT, among many others). We can emulate any Microsoft operative system (MSDOS version 2.0 onwards and any Windows commercial version), Linux (from 1996 (branch 2.0) onwards), and Macintosh OS (MacOS CLASSIC and X), and also other platforms such as Amstrad, Amiga or Silicon Graphics/SGI.
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Digitization of ancient books, archives or libraries

We have plenty of professional scanners and a well trained team of operators to perform  digitization projects with big volumes of data or those in which we find high quality or production requirements.

High definition digitization

We have scanners specifically manufactured for high definition (600 optical dpi onwards) digitization jobs.

Large format digitization

We can digitize objects up to  18×18 meters, with an astonishing image quality and applying a coherent lighting to all the material.

360º digitization, spherical and 3D

We have wide experience in   360º and spheric digitization. We have own equipments for the object rotation (small up to 100 Kg, and big up to 5 Tons), and for the coherent lighting.

Digitization of audio stored in old media

We can restore audio from analogical to digital, from more than 50 media standards, hence covering virtually any media produced during humankind history (Gramophone, slate, wax, acetate, cardboard, aluminum and vinyl disks, magnetphone tapes, belts and magnabelts, cassettes, phono cartridges, among others). We can also transfer data already in digital format such as  DCC, DAT, aDAT, DTRS, among others.

Digitization of video stored in old media

We work with media such as  Telecine 8mm optical and magnetic, 16mm optical and magnetic, betamax, vhs, video 8, video 2000, Hi8, Mini DV, Laserdisc, Betacam, U-matic and many others.

Metadata: Generation and conversion

We can generate, treat, improve or verify any existing metadata format.
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